Export your Plug-in to AWB

Runtime-Export: Export an Eclipse Plug-in to an AWB project

Export the Plug-in

This tutorial shows you how to include and use your plug-ins (OSGI bundels) in an Agent.Workbench - project outside of the Eclipse IDE. This will allow you to start an AWB-project from an AWB-installation that uses your agents or your application extensions. This is done by exporting the Eclipse plug-in into a projects subdirectory (e.g. ./myProject/plugins). Opening a project, Agent.Workbench will search in the project directory for OSGI-bundles and will load them automatically.

In your Eclipse IDE, right-click the Eclipse project you want to export and choose Export.

Under Plug-in Development choose Deployable plug-ins and fragments, then click Next.

Now select the plug-in and specify the directory you want to export to. Note, when exporting to a directory, the plug-ins will be placed in a plugins/ subdirectory of the chosen directory. As the directory, simply choose your Agent.Workbench project-folder, even it contains a plugins/ subdirectory already.

As a last step, go to the Options tab. Select the checkbox "use class files compiled in the workspace". Then click Finish.

Check if the export was successful

To check if the export was successful, open (or re-open) your AWB-project and go to the Resources tab in the project window.

Your plug-in should appear in the list of Project OSGI-Bundles. If it does, the export was successful.